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  • Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) has implemented an Integrated Software that collects and manages
    domestic tax revenues. The Electronic Billing Machine (EBM) handles the internal taxpayer registry and other tax processes but doesn’t manage taxpayers’ business transactions as they occur in real time.
  • The RRA invites all the suppliers of Invoicing Systems (Electronic Cash Register, POS) or any other system used to issue invoices by integrating the Virtual Sales Data Controller (VSDC) for reporting sales information to the revenue authority so that their solution will be approuved by RRA as Certified Invoicing System (CIS).

For tax payers who have their own invoicing systems, INHILLS Technology proposes the EBM integration using the EBM Odoo Bridge (EOB) for fetching invoice data from the client database and generating receipt data into the CIS (Invoicing module) of Odoo.
With the EBM Integration, invoices are created in the client system and automatically accessible in Odoo CIS. No longer will you have to duplicate content in your invoicing system and then create receipt in a an RRA Certified Invoicing System (Avoid Double-Work).

The Certified Invoicing System (CIS) for VSDC

The Certified Invoicing Solution of Odoo (developed by INHILLS Technology as CIS 4 VSDC) allow issuing invoices by interacting with the Virtual Sales Data Controller (VSDC).
Invoice or receipt is printed out in the client template with SDC information.


Invoice can be accessible from Odoo invoicing module and be printed in the client’s template with SDC Information.

The module of Point of Sale (POS) allows issuing receipt for ticket printer.

The EBM integration will allow the following:

  1. Get invoice data from the client database.
  2. Send invoice data to the VSDC for signature
  3. Append receipt data in Odoo invoicing
  4. Send back receipt information to the client database